Lisa Angelettie

If you are ready to increase your traffic, improve your visibility, attract lots more clients and build streams of passive income — then you are ready to master the most time-tested and proven strategy on the web — creating and leveraging marketable content.

“I can show you the writing & content marketing techniques I used back in 2003 and today to get my online psychotherapy practice to stand out in the completely over-crowded field of self-improvement.”

Lisa founded the #1 “advice & counseling” website ( when she decided to stay home with her first born daughter, instead of returning to a private practice setting in New York City. Struggling at first to be seen and heard in her marketplace online, Lisa accidentally fell into content marketing and has used it since to increase traffic, establish credibility and authority in her niches, build her list, and create passive information product income streams.

Lisa is the author of several books including “Writing For The Web: How To Write Web Content That Google Ranks #1”, “Relationship 911! Seven Steps For Saving Your Relationship” and is also a contributing author of “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life”, along with “The Secret” teachers John Gray, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor.

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